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Your contract of carriage, deposit, and other services is concluded with the Company

Confort in florence srl which calls its own Bagsitter service and takes care of withdrawing

your baggage, through own operators for the transport and / or deposit, or the fulfillment of

different services.

By entrusting your luggage, you accept our terms and conditions, for

your account and / or on behalf of any other person with an interest in transportation,

deposit, or for the performance of different services.

Where you entrust us with luggage with oral or written instructions that conflict or are

however incompatible with our terms and conditions, and have not been with us

expressly authorized and approved in writing, we will not be bound by such

instructions. Although the carriage of baggage forms part of another type of contract between us

agreed, these terms and conditions apply to the contract between us entered into

relation to any transport of goods that occurs in accordance with the contract.


The transport service consists of the collection of your baggage at our Deposits or the collection at your

Hotel – B & B – Apartment – Specific address, through our operator and return to you, or to a person

indicated by you, on the same day or different day , at the point of you.

The luggage storage service consists in keeping the deposit at our facilities

your baggage for the established days


Object of transport and / or storage may be baggage and / or parcels containing goods or objects for which

there is no transport ban.

The customer assumes all responsibility for the suitability for transport and / or storage, and compliance

with the legal requirements of objects entrusted to bagsitter for the service


Each piece of luggage or parcel must be packaged and closed in a manner appropriate to the weight, shape,

nature and value of the contents. Packaging and closing must guarantee the contents against deterioration

and tampering. The customer is obliged to take particular care in preparing the insulation of the internal

material, to ensure adequate protection of the goods in transport operations. The inner packaging must be

suitable to protect the contents from shocks and vibrations. The customer is solely responsible for any

damage caused by packaging defects even if not detected during acceptance. The customer will be liable

for any damage caused to others by the baggage in case of transport of prohibited items or badly packed



Objects prohibited by law or considered are not permitted for transport and / or storage according to

national legislation or due to their nature or packaging damage to humans, the environment or damage the

other baggage transported or deposited.

Accept to compensate us and keep us harmless from any liability, cost, damage or expense, including legal

costs, in which we may incur you or third parties and arising out of your breach of any of these warranties,

bonds and insurance, even if we inadvertently accept a shipment that is in contrast to any of your



Our responsibility for the risks of loss or damage to baggage during transport or storage, will be governed by art. 1696 c.c. as amended by Legislative Decree 21.11.2005 n. 286, and therefore limited to € 1 (one Euro) for each kilogram of goods lost or damaged, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties, as well as, for the part not regulated therein, by the legislation of the cod. civ. on the transport contract;

We will not be liable for any loss of flights or trains, goodwill, gain, profit, market, reputation, customer, use, opportunity, even if we have known that such damage or loss could arise, or in any case for any indirect, accidental, special or consequential damages or losses, including, without limitation, cases of contractual termination, negligence, willful misconduct or default.

We are not responsible if we do not fulfill our obligations as a result of circumstances beyond our control such as (with a listing that is merely exemplary and non-exhaustive): natural events including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, fires, diseases, fog, snow or frost; events of force majeure included (with a list that is merely exemplary and not exhaustive) wars, accidents, terrorist acts, strikes, embargos, local disputes or popular uprisings; national or local disruptions in land transport networks and mechanical problems with modes of transport or machinery; latent or intrinsic defects of the contents of the shipment; criminal acts of third parties such as theft, robbery and arson; acts or omissions attributable to you or to third parties of the work of which you will respond; an act or an omission attributable to a public official; contents of the shipment consisting of items that are goods prohibited by law or this contract, even if we have accepted the transport and / or deposit by mistake. We are not responsible for the breakage of handles and / or wheels.

The only responsibilities attributable to us in relation to the services rendered will be those governed by these general conditions of transport and storage


By way of derogation from the limits of compensation it is possible, on your part, to obtain an insurance coverage for the baggage carried or deposited. The value of the insurance premium will be equal to the aount foreseen by the Bag-sitter rates on the basis of the existing contractual agreements.


If you intend to file a claim for lost, damaged or any other damage, you must comply with the provisions of national law; otherwise we reserve the right to reject the complaint. We will consider the baggage delivered in good condition unless the recipient has affixed specific reserve of damage or lack on our DDT when the shipment is collected. In order to be able to take into consideration a claim for damage, the contents of your baggage must be made available to us for inspection upon collection.


The applicable tariffs applicable to the services are available on request at our stores and on our websites.

You undertake to pay the amount relating to the Bag-sitter services governed by these conditions by the agreed deadline. Our invoices must be met in the monetary form indicated on the invoice


Transportation. Our representative will be in the place and at the time scheduled for delivery.

You will be asked to confirm the phone and email entered in the forms provided

In case of delay the customer will have to notify by telephone call the telephone numbers present on our contacts. In the absence of news and after 30 minutes from the agreed time the person in charge of Bagsitter will continue his turn of deliveries. The owner will have to make contact with Bag-sitter through the numbers or email.

Storage area. Our depots are open for deliveries every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Only upon request can they agree different times. All luggage and / or parcels can be picked up during opening hours.

In case of non-collection, after 60 days from storage, in any case, the customer who has not complied with the payment of the credits against him, renounces anyway with the signing of this contract, to any right on the same, which will pass in full availability of Bag-sitter also for charitable purposes in favor of National or International bodies, Institutes or Foundations.


If any term or condition of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, such determination will not affect the other provisions of the present contract of carriage which will remain in force for the remainder.

Except as provided for in any applicable agreement, disputes arising from this transport contract or related to it will be subject to Italian law.


For any disputes relating to transport relations between the parties, the Court of Florence is exclusively competent



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